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There are tons of gay buddies out there. offers it for free. Just type “gaybuddies” into your favorite search engine and you’ll find the community. 

Gaymen have been using Myfreecams for years to find other men. But what do they find on Myfreecams?

The best of Myfreecams is the casual browsing that gays use. You know the one – where gay people share free public sex videos and sexual fantasies. It’s actually pretty hot.

It’s not just geeks at Gaybuddies


Myfreecams are used by a lot of gays too. They’re looking for something different with their gay sex.

The largest community is here at Gaybuddies. There are literally thousands of members from all over the world, and these gals have a lot of interest in this particular sub-community.

That’s where gay men go looking for other gay men. They share their passions with others, get to know other gents that might not have met in person, and become friendly.

Like any community, there are some gay buddies who are more interested in porn than anyone else. Other gaybuddies browse the site for other things.

Search the screen names to find gaybuddies

Search the screen names to find gaybuddies

To find gaybuddies, search for them by their screen names, and see what you can find on Myfreecams. Many of these guys have something to chat about, or may even offer free web cam porn.

Other Gaybuddies join for the same reason. They get involved in the community and meet new guys.

Gays like to talk about their sexual experiences

Gays like to talk about their sexual experiences

Theymight brag about it to other gaybuddies or post it online, or even ask other guys to “chat” with them.

For a few bucks a month, many of these members of have membership to many free gay cam sites, including CamStar. These guys post their personal messages and chat in private.

Some of the other cam sites might even allow two men to chat simultaneously, if one of them has a password. You never know who you’ll meet at